SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia (Incorporated)

One Association - Many Values

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Training resources

Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower

The objective of the Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower is to construct a tower, as high as possible, using only spaghetti and masking tape. The marshmallow must …
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Bonding Belt

A hilarious illustration of team bonding in which teams of six are literally bonded together by a cling film waistband. They then have to race …
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Frost Bite

A scenario-based challenge which requires teams of 4/5, (who in this scenario are Arctic explorers who have been caught in bad weather) to elect a …
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Circle of Questions

An introductory activity that gets participants listening to one another. And in doing so, finding out about each other’s values. Participants form two circles, one …
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My Dream Trip

A light-hearted introductory activity, which encourages participants to find out a bit more about their work colleagues. Working in pairs, participants are asked to describe …
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Being There

A simple and fun activity, ideal as an icebreaker, illustration or a longer exercise to demonstrate how people can run on set lines/routines, without noticing …
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Rings a bell

A simple and fun activity, ideal as an icebreaker or discussion starter. A good way of ensuring that all mobile phones are switched off at …
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Blindfold Rope Square

A short exercise that forces small teams to communicate when they can’t see one another or their progress. The challenge is to take a length …
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