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Community Information

Staying safe in an emergency


From May to September rain, gale force winds and squalls are characteristic of weather experienced by WA residents from Geraldton to Esperance.


Cyclones may cause damage through extremely high winds, flooding from widespread and intense rainfall, and in some cases storm surge.


Flooding can occur in any part of Western Australia at any time, although in the past decade it has occurred mostly in the North West of the State due to rainfall associated with cyclones


More than 10,000 earthquakes were recorded in Western Australia during the 12 months to June 30, 2002, a number of which rocked tall buildings in the Perth central business district.

Bush Fires

The threat of severe bushfires occurs in Western Australia every year. You can reduce the impact of bushfires on property and people by careful planning.

Marine Safety

THERE are more than 65,000 boats registered in Western Australia and every year there are about 1,800 rescue incidents.

Hazardous Materials Safety

Every year, DFES Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) fire-fighters bring under control about 70 significant incidents involving hazardous materials