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Team Building

Rings a bell


A simple and fun activity, ideal as an icebreaker or discussion starter.

A good way of ensuring that all mobile phones are switched off at the start of a meeting.

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People Required:
Participants: min=6 max=100


Set-up: Up to 15 min
Running/De-brief: 15 min – 15 min
Pack-up: Up to 15 min


  • None

Hazards and Risks:

Specific Safety Notes: In addition to standard safety practices:

  • None

Key Learning Points:

Equipment and Layout:

  •  Participants can remain seated or standing.


  • Ask each participant to introduce themselves to the group. As part of their introduction, they should demonstrate their mobile phone ring tone. They should then explain the reason for their choice or ring tone (or lack of interest in a ‘personal’ ring tone), and offer some comment as to what this might suggest about their personality or style.
  • The discussion and feedback among the group will be at the discretion of the facilitator, depending on the group composition and whether the activity is used simply as an ice-breaker or as a starter for a discussion.

Additional Notes:

  • You could introduce this by saying that whereas at most conferences, everyone would be asked to ensure that their mobile phone is switched off, this is slightly different in that everyone will be asked to use their mobile phone as part of the exercise.
  • The introduction will be important – be clear about what you will be asking, especially if this is early in the programme. Perhaps use a flip chart to be sure.

Review and Conclusion:

  • Keep this light, as it’s a very light-hearted exercise.
  • Questions to ask include:
    • How long have individuals had that particular phone/how often do they upgrade?
    • Why did they choose that model?
    • Why did they choose that ringtone?
    • What does the phone/ringtone say about you?