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SESVA Benevolent Fund

SES Volunteers Association (SESVA) of WA has established a Benevolent Fund to provide limited financial support to SES Volunteers during “hard times”.  

The purpose of the fund is to provide direct support to  SES volunteers who need a financial stop-gap until insurance or social security etc steps in.

The financial support will be based on the recommendation of SES volunteer peers.  It should not provide a form of ‘profit’ or ‘double dipping’.



The fund is financed from the following sources:

  • The SESVA has established the fund with monies from its own resources;
  • Individual donations to the Benevolent Fund will be placed into the fund;
  • Any other funds or donations may be deposited in the Benevolent Fund at the discretion of the Committee;
  • Profits from the sale of any merchandise maybe deposited in the Benevolent Fund;
  • Any fundraising activity that has been directed or intended that funds be directed to this fund.



Administration of the fund included the following conditions:

  • The SESVA committee are administrators of the fund;
  • That two committee members (one of whom must be an executive office holder) can approve expenditure of up to $500 for each case, but must formally advise the committee at the earlist opportunity;
  • Expenditure for each case over $500 must be approved by the committee;
  • Maximum expenditure in each case is limited to $2,000 per situation;
  • Maximum expenditure is not to exceed to total funds held in Benevolent Fund at time of application;
  • It is intended that the Benevolent Fund will then become self-supporting.  Any financial shortfalls can be reviewed by SESVA as required;
  • Committee decision is final.


Application for Benevolent Fund Assistance

How to apply for Benevolent Funds:

  • Contact a committee member of the SES Volunteers Association of WA to discuss the situation;
  • Provide a written application to SES Volunteers Association of WA.  One of the applicants may be the beneficiary, senior Volunteers member of the Unit/Group and the other applicant should be the Local Manager. The recommendation and authentication for accessing the fund should come from SES volunteer peers or DFES staff.
  • Once an application to the fund has been approved the recipient is required to sign the following agreement before the funds will be made avalable.  –  141106 – Agreement between SESVA and Volunteer.pdf



Applicants’/beneficiaries’ names will be held in confidence. However funds expended will be accountable through the SES Volunteers Association of WA normal governance and reporting processes, such as committee meetings and AGMs etc.


Greg Cook
0418 403 960  

Lin Booth
0428 612 480

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