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08/12/2022 – SESVA Newsletter December 2022

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From the President

Traditionally it is the time of year to think of and be with family. December is, in our world, a time for thanks and gratitude for the year that is passing and thinking about what may come in 2023. 

Many of our SES colleagues have served in the eastern states in the flood operations and  assisting communities where people have had their lives changed by the extreme weather events that just keep giving


Deployment Debrief

A total of 152 WA Volunteers were deployed in New South Wales and Victoria between 5th and 15th March, 7th to 13th July and 11th October to 3rd December. The SESVA will facilitate a debrief via Zoom early in 2023 to enable sharing of experiences of the returning volunteers and to capture valuable learnings before the opportunity is lost and we move on to the next major deployment

Eastern States Deployments 2022

There are 64 SES Units in Western Australia. Since mid October, SES Volunteers from more than half of the WA SES Units were deployed to assist with the response to the Eastern States floods. Take the time to read this very informative article

Bunbury SES turns 60

Bunbury SES Unit started on 22 November 1962, initially located at the Technical School building in Arthur Street, in the CBD. It was originally titled “Civil Defence”, changing to the Bunbury Local Volunteer Emergency Service (LVES) in the late 60’s. The organisation nationally was then changed to the SES that we know now in the late 1970’s.

Albany SES New Building

SESVA President Greg Cook and Secretary Allen Gale ESM were honoured to be present at the opening of the Albany State Emergency Service new headquarters on 19 November.  Albany SES is one of the busiest emergency services units, with volunteers contributing 1,647 operation hours alone since 1 January this year.  Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson officially opened the new facility.   

New SESVA Committee Member

The SESVA welcomes Vinay Domal as the South Coastal representative. He joined Cockburn SES in 2020


New SES Dress Hat Band

Have your say and share your opinion about the new hat band options.

SES Unit Tax Status 

In our October newsletter, we forwarded a message from DFES on the Commonwealth charity and taxation reforms impacting WA SES units. We also pointed the reader to the additional information provided by DFES in the Volunteer Hub.