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10/06/2024 – From the SESVA Secretary SESVA Elections 2024


The nomination form and nomination information are included in the last pages of the current edition of the SESVA newsletter and via the links below:

Fillable PDF Form

SESVA Elections 2024 Information

The SESVA Management Committee is a deliberative body. The general management of the affairs of the Association is vested in the Management Committee.

Management Committee members are elected for a two year term in alternate years.

If you have not previously held a position on a management committee, we believe you will find the experience rewarding, and maybe at times challenging.

Regional Representatives are the SESVA’s conduit with SES units. The SESVA WA responds to each SES Unit through the Regional Representative and the Unit Manager. Their role includes providing information, help and guidance from an SESVA perspective.

SESVA Regional Representative Ziggy Belczowski shares the reasons why it is so rewarding to be a Management Committee member of the SES Volunteers Association in WA.

“Being part of the Management Committee allows you to make a real difference in the lives of SES volunteers and the community we serve. As a committee member, you have the opportunity to shape the direction and policies of the Association, ensuring that our volunteers have the necessary resources and support to carry out their important work.

Additionally, being a Management Committee member provides a unique platform for personal and professional growth. You have the chance to develop valuable leadership skills, enhance your decision-making abilities, and expand your network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about community service.

Serving on the Management Committee allows you to stay informed and be involved in the decision-making process of the Association. You will be part of a dedicated team working towards a common goal and have the opportunity to contribute your ideas, insights, and expertise to help drive the association forward and ensure its continued success.

I encourage SES volunteers to consider joining our Management Committee and become an integral part of our SES Volunteers Association.”