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06/06/2024 – Letter from the Minister WOW day

Minister for Emergency Services;Innovation and the DigitalEconomy; Science;

Medical Research; Minister Assisting the Minister for State and Industry

Development, Jobs and Trade

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council

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Mr Greg Cook


SES Volunteers Association of WA

PO BOX 3218


Thank you for your letter dated 8 May 2024 in relation to the annual celebration of WOW Day held on Wednesday 22 May 2024. I was pleased and honoured to recognise our 2,000 Western Australian (WA) SES volunteers on this significant day, as were my staff and colleagues. Although I could not attend a local SES Unit this year due to being in Adelaide, I proudly wore my orange tie in recognition of WOW Day.

Over the past 12 months, the dedicated members of the SES have contributed more than 32,600 hours of their time responding to incidents across the State. The essential roles they play and their invaluable work in their communities have not gone unnoticed by myself or the entire Cook Labor Government.

I was also pleased to see the recognition given to the WA SES volunteers through the orange illumination of Local and State Government buildings and landmarks. The displays were spectacular to say the least. 

I am deeply grateful for the unwavering dedication of SES volunteers in keeping our communities safe over the past 65 years. On behalf of the State Government, I extend my heartfelt thanks to you and all SES volunteers for your steadfast dedication and support to the WA community. 

Yours sincerely

Hon Stephen Dawson MLC