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06/06/2024 – From the SESVA President June 2024

From Greg Cook SESVA President

“The long warm to hot summer and autumn has broken”

In the past month, SES Volunteers’ value across the state has been shown through their commitment to their own and other communities.

The people of Bunbury have endured two large weather events that have dis- tressed many and inconvenienced others in their daily lives. Something that perhaps is again no surprise is that WA, our great place to live in, is subject to extreme weather events and we are impacted by nature which can cause some social disconnect.

To those impacted by these events, I trust your lives will soon be back to “your own normal” soon.

To my volunteer colleagues, it brings warmth to me that you continue to serve our communities for reasons that many may not understand. I was also involved with storm damage temporary repairs with my SES Unit in Perth. We don’t get paid, yet the value we bring to other lives in times of need is immeasurable. Thank you.

I am certain those who are in a position of influence, do appreciate your contribution. Whether this is through the spoken word or by supporting the SES position paper into the proposed Emergency Ser- vices Act that was in limited release to SES units, DFES and the Government on WOW Day, May 22.

Your Association stands to support SES Volunteers by improving the DFES Capability in meeting com- munity expectations in the future. The strength of having robust pillars within DFES that offer focused knowledge and resources is a foundation opportunity.

Whether you are supporting teams in the field from your unit premises or attached to a roof safety system repairing broken tiles, please stay safe.

Kind Regards

Greg Cook, President





Greg Cook SESVA President