SES Volunteer's Association of Western Australia Incorporated

“Together we can; Together we will”

22/05/2024 – Proposed Emergency Services Act – SESVA Position Paper

“Together we can; Together we will”.

A Position Paper on behalf of the members of the SES Volunteers Association of WA has been developed in relation to the proposed Emergency Services Act, formerly known as the Consolidated Emergency Services Act.

The position is interim and has been drawn from a wide range of reports and stakeholder discussions and reflects the creditable research and findings of Royal Commissions and major reviews.

The Position Paper identifies key issues and provides recommendations for the WA Government to consider when drafting the proposed Emergency Services Act related to the following: 

  1. Working Together;
  2. Governance model with a Volunteer Charter and/or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU); 
  3. Legal Protection for volunteers; 
  4. Establishment of a SES Senior Executive Officer within DFES; 
  5. Induction, training and professional development of SES volunteers; 
  6. Ongoing funding and resourcing for SES operations and capital items; and 
  7. Information technology, accounting, and centralised management systems supporting SES functions.

The SES Volunteer’s Association is committed to its advocacy for its member units to achieve a reversal of the erosion of the capability of the SES units in WA due to the loss of skilled volunteers and restricted resources to deal with the economic, social, and environmental changes.

“Together we can; Together we will”.