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02/05/2024 – From the SESVA President May 2024

From the SESVA President

Hello once again

It is a privilege to share the busy life of many SES volunteers throughout Western Australia. The SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia draws its committee members from serving and active SES Unit members. Each of the 12 DFES regions has an elected representative to voice the region’s pride in its achievements, to enable your voice to be heard by the DFES Executive and Members of Parliament. Such discussions continue on important topics such as:

  • SES Resources—vehicles, watercraft, unit
  • The Fitness for Role
  • The Consolidated Emergency Services
  • Wear Orange Wednesday or WOW
  • WAFES Conference at
  • Various committee representations which include but are not limited to:
    • SEMC Policy Sub-
    • SES Volunteers Advisory Committee for the Minister and
    • Reforming the Training Consultation Groups—VTAG and
    • Importantly, the discussions and assistance to SES on numerous subjects and assisting in promoting

Shortly, the Association will be calling for nominations for its committee vacancies. This is an opportunity for the SES Regions, SES Units, and their members to enjoy being the formal conduit in making a difference in our service. It will mean working on behalf of your colleagues and in their collective best interests.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the WAFES Conference and our Association’s AGM on Sunday morning, September 8th at 09:00 am.

Because of the generous support by West Australians of SESVA raffle, we have been able to cover the cost of the air- fares for a young SES volunteer, Lauren Bailey, to attend the Canberra Memorial Service on 2 May where she will also join the National SESVA Young Emerging Leaders Program.

Thank you again to all our volunteers for your continued service to and with your local communities. We need to stand up and celebrate being SES. An Orange WOW factor

Kind Regards

Greg Cook, President