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17/04/2024 – SESVA Newsletter Fact File

To contact the SESVA Secretary Allen Gale ESM  email – or call or text 0419 935 497 

The SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia(SESVA) Incorporated Newsletter used to be delivered to subscribers from an email server direct to their email accounts with the Newsletter attached in a PDF format, then open the PDF to read on-screen and/or print the Newsletter.

Commencing with the February 2024 edition of the Newsletter, delivery to subscribers is now via electronic direct mail (EDM) to their email accounts with a link to the Newsletter. The difference is that the email asks subscribers to DOWNLOAD the Newsletter. This means the subscriber must click on the link provided in order to read on-screen and/or print the Newsletter.

But we’re told to protect from SCAMS, don’t click links in emails from an untrusted source! (and we need to protect our device with anti-virus software and software updates only from the source).

So subscribers are encouraged to ensure that their device and email account knows that the SESVA is a trusted source so you don’t miss out on receiving the NEWSLETTER email each month.

Do always carefully check the sender of emails that you receive; you can usually click on the sender to view the details behind the email address that you see in the FROM part of the email.

Tips to assist when an email is expected but can’t be seen:
• Check your server
• Send yourself a test email
• Check your SPAM/JUNK folder
• Check your TRASH folder
• Go to the option that shows ALL MAIL
• Use a different browser to Open your email account
• Log OUT and back IN to your account
• Access email account settings
• Double check your email filter settings

Filtering your emails is often a necessity, especially if you start receiving random spam emails from bots and advertisers. Un- fortunately, it’s possible the email you’re expecting to receive has been filtered as well.

If the NEWSLETTER email can’t be found, let us know by email

All the SESVA  Newsletters  can be found on this website. under the news tab.