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15/04/2024 – From the SESVA President April 2024

Hello to you all

With Easter now behind us, I believe we can all be grateful for a few days’ break and spending time with our loved ones and friends.

The Association takes this opportunity to acknowledge the 20th anniversary of the passing of Jim Regan during a rescue operation in Karijini National Park. We recognise family members and friends of Jim who will be remembering this great SES Volunteer at this significant time. Jim, you are still missed; thank you from all our hearts. Rest in Peace.

Your SES Association again is busy with our consolidated response to the Fit for Work proposal from DFES. This means a great deal to SES Volunteers and as a national initiative, we see our service as a standalone decision.

Will we be the only volunteer service with this type of program? For years, the SES volunteers have asked for a national training framework to support volunteers across Australia to be trained the same way with the same training resources. From my perspective, I do believe that both the fitness and training of our volunteers are linked. Perhaps this is the time to reinforce our opportunities across Australia.

We do note the concern raised by numerous SES volunteers who are ask “why just the SES?” when we have many local government and DFES-linked volunteers that don’t require any program for fitness at all. A balanced approach in our response to DFES is required from your Association to ensure your views and the great discussion we have had, are tabled for an informed position into our mutual futures.

I truly believe that there is so much we can achieve with the correct resources and operating environment.

The question still to be answered is: how do we obtain that place we have earned with many years of service to our respectful communities?

Let’s not be absorbed into a mass but continue to shine. After all, our nationally recognised orange uniform represents the rising and setting of the sun. When the darkness comes, we still glow in the dark.

Thank you again, stay safe by making good decisions based on sound advice.

Greg Cook President