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07/02/2024 – SES Training Update

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Volunteer Induction

A new induction process is under construction.

  • It will be largely online to bring us into the present and it will start with a common DFES induction (to ensure consistent messaging across all services) that will be available to all new volunteers.
  • This induction will be the prelude to a service specific
  • The training will not contain any assessment (apart from some self-knowledge checks), it will be able to stop and start at any time (without losing place in the training).
  • It is anticipated this will allow our inductions, including the face-to-face familiarisation, to be completed within 2 hours.
  • The new induction is not designed to replace the local Unit induction (however local checklists will be updated to be used if desired).

The induction will also point towards other training that new volunteers may undertake when joining (such as Alcohol and other drugs, Child Safe, Child-Friendly Organisation, DFES Code of Conduct, Fatigue Management, DFES Work Health and Safety Induction)

SES Training Manager

This course is a new awareness level training course designed to fill an identified gap and to provide existing and new Training Managers with additional knowledge and skills to assist them in fulfilling their role.

Essentially the training will allow the Training Manager to support the Local Manager by ensuring their Unit meets their profile by either conducting the appropriate training or currency drills or by attending other units or regional events that will satisfy the requirements.

The course has been developed with the assistance of existing and past experienced Training Managers and in consultation with the SES Volunteer Association.

Topics covered but not limited to include:

  • Safety in training
  • How to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify training gaps against Unit roles and responsibilities
  • How to prepare a Unit Training Program in accordance with Unit needs and within the SES Training Program
  • Monitoring and managing the effectiveness of the Unit’s Training Program
  • Identifying new trainers and arranging for their further development through mentoring and training
  • Preparing and conducting unit-level exercises
  • Training Administration including the processing of course applications, unit-level training records, training equipment management, training budgets and reporting of training-related matters to the Local Manager and the Unit Management.

A trial of the course with participants from both country and metro units has been run and appropriate changes have been made to the product.