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06/02/2024 – My SES Unit – Meekatharra

The Unit was established about 35 years ago. A meeting was held in the Sporting Complex in Meekatharra in 1988 with the then Regional Coordinator Bernie McNamara ESM  representing the Western Australian State Emergency Service (WASES). The meeting was called by a Flight Service Officer who was based at the Meekatharra airport and employed by the Civil Aviation Authority. He had recently attended a Local Coordinators course at the Australian Counter Disaster Collect (ACDC) in Macedon, Victoria.

Present at the meeting were representatives of the Shire, government agencies, local mines and local service organisations. Keith Mouritz, who was to become the first Local Coordinator, intimated that he could possibly call for members for a unit from his associates in the Buffaloes Lodge.

Keith was asked later if he would consider attending a Local Coordinator course in Perth and after seeking Shire endorsement, he attended the course and returned to sign up a group of people to the newly established unit.

The Meekatharra SES was originally part to the WASES Gascoyne region reporting to the Re- Regional HQ in Carnarvon been 1989 and 1990. Keith and his Noel Mouritz travelled to Carnarvon and picked up various items of equipment, radios, overalls, boots etc. With the girl’s change room no longer being used at the sports ground, it was commandeered as a store for the equipment and the unit soon became viable after several visits from SES volunteers and staff trainers.

Since mid-1990 the Meekatharra SES unit has been part of the merged Midwest-Gascoyne region reporting to the Regional HQ in Geraldton.

Keith continued as Local Manager for some years dealing with several incidents through the 1990s before passing over the management of the unit to Rock Hiscock, who upon stepping down, passed the role onto Roy Seery. Roy was followed by Robyn Morris as the Local Manager and upon her retirement, the appointment of Dennis “Splinter” Shaw was approved by the Regional Manager as the Local Manager until November 2023.

EDITORS NOTE: The appointment of a new Local Manager is pending