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02/02/2024 – From the SESVA President February 2024

From the SESVA President

Welcome to 2024 and a Happy New Year to everyone. The coming year will see the Association very busy with some long-overdue discussions and outcomes for SES members. Not in any order of preference, our activities will be centred on the following as an example.

Consolidated Emergency Services Legislation submission.
Capital Grants for SES vehicles and facilities to meet the local capability needs.
Expanding the type and style of SES vehicles available in WA.
Rescue boats for wider use and type for SES units.
Training and the current packages available for the SES. Are they meeting our needs?
Promoting and fostering acceptance for the SES Raffle program in WA.
Continuing to work in a positive and proactive position with DFES and the WA Government Working with the Ministers SES Volunteers Advisory Committee.
Visiting SES Units on Training nights and during weekend activities.
Representing the SES on DFES Committees and working groups.
Building a stronger and better-resourced SES for each community in WA.
Natural hazard impacts can be seen worldwide but we have a way to go in WA to reduce the impacts.

One essential reminder is to acknowledge the work already produced by volunteer SES units in WA. Two examples are.

Mandurah SES – over 26,000 hours of service to the community in 2023.
Rockingham SES – over 15,000 hours of service to the community in 2023.

Recognition is such a great way to commence 2024 and it is my pleasure to thank and acknowledge the SES member’s dedication and skills to turn out for the following emergency activities already in 2024.

Storm damage and flash flooding in the Perth Hills, Southwest, Great Southern, and Wheatbelt.
Fires in multiple locations.
Searches for missing people.
Flooding in the Pilbara.
Outreach to our remote communities through flooding.

Whilst I am amazed and you all still rock my world, I trust you also maximised time during Christmas and New Year with your family and friends. That’s why we do what we do! Thank you.

Greg Cook, President





Greg Cook SESVA President