SES Volunteer's Association of Western Australia Incorporated

“Together we can; Together we will”

09/12/2023 – National SES Association Annual Year Book

From the Chair  
Gordon Hall ESM
SES Volunteer Mandurah WA

Welcome to the second yearbook edition

IN LOOKING BACK OVER THE PAST year, I acknowledge the great job the SES Volunteers have done in response to floods and cyclones in a number of jurisdictions. Further to this the work they have done in bushfire support and
through many searches is just amazing – well done to all.

The human loss and suffering as well as the financial losses through all of this has been enormous with flood response currently being one of the SES’s leading roles. The Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist states that 23 people died from floods in 2022, with the Natural Hazards Research Centre showing that non-fire (natural) hazards are eight times more costly to the Australian economy than fire.

The communities around the country are very appreciative of the work the SES Volunteers do in supporting them in
performing rescues and assisting people during these disasters.

Once again, we saw the deployment of Volunteers and staff from other Australian jurisdictions to assist during
these flood disasters. It is great to see them come together to help those in need. It is in times like these that we see the resilience of people and their communities come together to work through the tough times.

In the past year, the National SESVA has been working closely with the federal government to show what the
SES Volunteers do and how they assist their communities in times of natural disasters. This includes meeting with
some Senators and their staff as well as working closely with AFAC.

Now that Covid has slowed down and everything has opened up we have been able to recommence one of our objectives in including a group of SES Young Emerging Leaders attending the National Memorial Service in Canberra.

This year it included a tour of some establishments, and they were also able to meet with the Governor General at his residence – see separate story in the full edition.

The Association has been working hard to assist all state-based SES Volunteer Associations in supporting their Volunteers and showcasing nationally what the SES Volunteers do. The support we receive from many groups including Volunteering Australia, AFAC and others is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Councillors I acknowledge the support given to the SES Volunteers by their families, friends, employers, and many supporters that makes it all possible throughout their training and response activities.

Stay safe.