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17/10/2023 – Kalbarri National Park Rescues

Difficult Gorge Rescues in National Park

The recent school holidays have been quite eventful for the Kalbarri SES Volunteers and their fellow emergency service responders with challenging callouts to 4 Ways Gorge in the Kalbarri National Park.

Injured hikers have been rescued from the remote and difficult-to-access area, on at least two occasions, which is no small feat. The rescuers had to navigate the rugged terrain of the gorge and the boulder-strewn riverbed to reach the casualties, get them to a safer location for medical attention and then carry them out of the gorge.

Some smart and resourceful solutions to the various difficulties faced included floating the casualty on an inflatable raft at one stage and loading the stretcher onto the SES ‘stretcher mule’ to traverse the long sandy final section.

Collaboration among the different emergency services, including the Police and Park Rangers, along with volunteers from the Kalbarri SES, the Kalbarri Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, and St John Ambulance is crucial in situations like this. It’s a testament to the dedication and teamwork of the all involved that they were able to safely complete these challenging rescue missions and ensure the well-being of the injured hikers.

Efforts like these highlight the importance of trained and dedicated first responders who are willing to go above and be- yond to help those in need, especially in difficult to access and dangerous locations. It’s a reminder of the essential role that emergency service volunteers play in keeping communities safe and providing assistance when it’s needed most.

Rescue operations difficult-to-access area
Rescue operations difficult-to-access area