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11/10/2023 – Nominations Women in Volunteer Emergency Services Forum.


DFES is calling for nominations from all female volunteers to join the Women in Volunteer Emergency Services Forum.

The Forum will promote cultural change in relation to gender equality in emergency services volunteering. This is achieved through the provision of advice, advocacy, and the creation of trusted relationships.

If you are passionate about issues affecting the participation of women in emergency services, we invite you to complete a nomination to be involved within making the volunteer journey more equitable for women.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference sets out the purpose, authority, responsibilities, membership, governance and administration for this group. We’ve provided a quick summary below, however we encourage you to take a moment to review the entire document for more detailed information.

Download the Terms of Reference (


The Forum supports the strategic direction of DFES by fostering sector-wide, evidence-based strategies to increase gender equality and in doing so, the sustainability of WA’s emergency services volunteer workforce, inclusive of all regions and all volunteer emergency services.

Systemic issues raised at this group will be tabled at the quarterly Volunteer Sustainability Steering Committee for their information and, where required, action.


This group is considered a subcommittee of the Volunteer Sustainability Steering Committee which is directly responsible to the DFES Corporate Executive. The group acts in an advisory capacity and has no authority to reach an outcome on behalf of DFES.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Forum will be proactive in tabling and/or supporting initiatives to reform, improve and maintain gender equality through the following responsibilities:

  1. Increase awareness of the Forum to all areas at DFES and promote communication regarding gender equality, and diversity and inclusion.
  2. Regularly assess and report on:

the effectiveness of key strategies aimed at improving gender diversity across the organisation.

the effectiveness of key strategies aimed at ensuring a more inclusive workplace for all emergency services volunteers.

the status quo and the identification of areas requiring change; and

the development of key indicators and strategic direction.

  1. Foster an ethos of equity and diversity in accordance with the Workforce and Diversity Action Plan 2020-2022.


Complete the nomination form and send to your Volunteer Association 

Download the nomination form (

Send the Nomination form to

Nominations close Friday 20 October 2023