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13/09/2023 – GRU Modification Update

In a  previous SESVA  newsletter, we provided guidance for SES Units on capital grants for facilities and new equipment.

One of the big wins for SES units is the rollout of the General Rescue Utility (GRU). These vehicles provide enhanced driver and passenger safety, as well as on-road and off-road capability.

From user feedback, DFES has made a change to the new GRU to fit extendible wing mirrors. These provide improved rear vision when extended for towing trailers wider than the vehicle body. Even in the retracted position, these wing mirrors offer improved vision because they are slightly wider than the standard wing mirrors.

For SES units that have already received their GRU with the standard wing mirrors, DFES confirms that the extendable wing mirrors can be retrofitted. DFES also confirms that the cost of the retrofit is eligible expenditure under the Local Government Grant Scheme.

SES Units may select the Clearview Compact product or other Isuzu DMax Australian Design Rules-approved retrofit products that are commercially available. We are advised that the cost is around $1,000 to install.

If units want to retrofit the expendable wing mirrors, it is recommended that local managers first have a conversation with their local government and their DFES District Officer before embarking on the upgrade.




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