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12/09/2023 – SESVA Presidents report AGM 2023

Annual Presidents Report 2023 AGM (10Sept 2023)

The SES Volunteers Association of WA (Inc).

Advocacy for SES Volunteers by SES Volunteers.

The SES Volunteers Association would like to acknowledge and express its gratitude to DFES for the funding and resources provided that enable the activities to be undertaken for SES Volunteer Units across Western Australia. 

A sample of committee member activities 2022-23.

  • Advanced activities to provide a higher level of transparency to member SES Units.
  • Ongoing support of the BHP / SES Volunteers Association buses.
  • Activities in support of improvement in the activities for SES volunteers in the WOW Day recognition celebrations.
  • Input and actions in developing the WAFES Conference as part of the DFES working group.
  • SES Volunteer advocacy in learning improvement through the VTAG and ATAG with the academy staff.
  • Involvement and attendance at the Pride Parade in Northbridge.
  • Representation on the DFES LGGS Capital Grants Committee.
  • Participation as judges in the WAFES Awards for the SES Volunteers.
  • Participation in the Australian Honours and Awards applications.
  • Participation in the reformation and active within the SES Volunteers Advisory Committee.
  • Represented on the WAPOL State Search and Rescue Advisory Group.
  • Active in the SEMC Policy Sub Committee as a member.
  • Active member of the Strategic Volunteer Advisory Committee
  • High-level strategic meetings with DFES Chief Superintendents about SES Volunteer raised issues.
  • Provided a Director and Councillor, on the National SESVA Board.
  • Attended the national memorial service in Canberra for fallen emergency services personnel.
  • Represented SES Volunteers and their role to the Minister, several MPs, and the DFES Commissioner.
  • Member of the DFES Mental Health Advisory Committee.
  • Driving the SES volunteer raised and coordinated review submission into the WA Combined Emergency Services legislation. (Meeting every two weeks)
  • Facilitated SES Volunteer Forums enabling direction and feedback for the CESL.
  • Continued SES Unit visits and combined Teams / Zoom meetings with SES Volunteer Leaders and members.
  • Focused Executive and Management Committee meetings to maintain the Association’s activities in accordance with its legal responsibilities and DFES Grant Conditions.
  • Extend the scope and business plans for the Heritage and Media Sub Committee to meet the contemporary needs of SES Volunteers.
  • Establish and maintain an editorial working group for the Association Newsletter, Web Page, Facebook, SES APP, and Twitter information tools.
  • Active participation and promotion of the NDRC in Kings Park 2022.
  • Attend on the invitation from DFES Regions, their Leadership Forums to provide an extension of available and current information to SES Unit Members.
  • Create, fund, and promote SES members-created skills and knowledge exercises to link and have fun in the volunteer movement.
Greg Cook SESVA President

Numerous volunteers have consistently asked what the Association does. There are countless hours provided by the SES Volunteers that make up the Association. The examples provided are only some of the works that are undertaken in good faith for SES Volunteers and their partners such as Local Government and DFES.   

The endeavour is and will continue to deliver solutions sourced from the 64 member Units by improving communication. The Executive understands that some members are still somewhat sceptical about the motivations of our Association. The simple answer is to become a little more involved in the activities to receive, provide, and understand the why, with whom, the how, and when we are doing things. Sitting on the outside achieves nothing for both of us, this includes DFES who participate in many mutually beneficial discussions and activities with us.

Our regionally based management committee members that are elected by the Volunteers Units do regularly struggle to engage in the simple tasks of information gathering to provide an informed position to our partners. We ask that you just open the door a little more and let’s chat. It will benefit all of us.  


The Coming Year 2023 / 24.

Proposed Plans for the SES Volunteers Association:

  • CES Legislation Submission
  • Focus on better learning outcomes for SES Volunteers including employability skills.
  • Continue to improve transparency and accountability to member SES Units.
  • Provide the provision of an SES Raffle enabling higher-level services and benefits to SES Volunteers.
  • Create a member’s benefits opportunity for SES Volunteers.

I personally thank each SES Unit and its members for allowing this journey to continue and we all look forward to creating a better volunteering experience with you during the coming year.

Greg Cook – WA SES Volunteers Association President. 10 Sept 2023.