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27/08/2023 – Scam alert

25 August 2023

Expecting a package or delivery this Father’s Day?

The ACMA reminds consumers to be wary of parcel delivery SMS and email messages in the lead up to Father’s Day. This is a common type of scam that people are likely to be more vulnerable to in the lead up to large retail events.

Scam messages might ask you to arrange re-delivery of a package, update your delivery details or request payment of a fee, and might contain unusual looking links. Scammers will often impersonate well known delivery services, such as Australia Post.

Some SMS scams may slip into your legitimate message streams to trick you. For example, a scam claiming to be from Australia Post may appear among legitimate past messages from the postal service about parcel delivery.

Australia Post provides some useful advice on its website around scams, including that it will never:

  • call, text or email you asking for personal or financial information including password, credit card details or account information
  • call, text or email you to request payment
  • ask you to click on an email link to print off a label to redeem your package.

Australia Post encourages customers to download the AusPost app, which is the most reliable and secure way to receive delivery updates as it uses push notifications that can’t be replicated by scammers.

Most other major parcel delivery services provide similar advice on their websites on how to identify their genuine messages from a scam.

If you are not sure if an SMS message or email that you’ve received about a parcel delivery is legitimate, contact the sender or delivery service using contact details you’ve identified yourself, for example through an official website or app, or via information received at the time of purchase, such as a tracking number. Do not click on any links or call any phone numbers in the message, and delete it.

Scammers target everyone. We encourage Australians to discuss how to identify scams with friends and family. Learn more about how to protect yourself and those close to you on the ACMA website and make a report to Scamwatch.

If you’re concerned that your identity has been compromised or you’ve been a victim of a scam, contact your bank immediately and call IDCARE on 1800 595 160.

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