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10/07/2023 – Volunteer Health and Safety tips


Volunteers registered with DFES have free access to the Psychological Support Service. This service can be accessed for personal, work or volunteering-related issues and is designed to provide short-term psychological assistance for those in need.

What is psychological support?

Psychological support refers to the support given by a registered psychologist to help meet the mental, emotional, and social needs of the client.

A psychologist is a professional trained in the science of how people think, feel, behave and learn. Psychologists are devoted to helping people find solutions to real-life problems such as improving mental health and well-being, learning, performance, relationships and overall quality of life.

How to make an appointment

1.    Call or book online with your chosen provider. More information, including locations, is on the Volunteer Hub.

2.    Advise that you are an emergency services volunteer registered with DFES or an immediate family member of a volunteer registered with DFES.

3.     Request an appointment on a day, time and mode (face-to-face/phone/video call).

4.     Advise if you have preferences for the psychologist to be of a preferred gender, older or younger, or skilled in a certain area.

More information on the Psychological Support Service can be found on the dedicated Volunteer Hub Page. VOLUNTEER: Counselling ( or send an email to the Wellness Team –