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07/07/2023 – Quiet Achievers of the SES

There are various opportunities for volunteers to be recognised, such as

through the WA Volunteer Service Awards,

but there are many who work quietly behind the scenes: an enduring and endearing stalwart of their Unit.

Lyn Merredith – Rockingham-Kwinana SES

While Lyn Merredith was recently awarded City of Rockingham Senior Volunteer of the Year, Lyn has quietly offered her service to the Rockingham-Kwinana SES for the past 25 years.

Lyn is currently the Deputy Local Manager and has held a number of other leadership positions over the years including Operations Section Leader.

Local Manager, David Catchlove, describes Lyn as, ‘a very well respected and loved member of the unit and is fondly known as “Nanny Lyn” as she is always there to lend an ear and is always willing to go the extra mile when someone needs a shoulder to cry on. Lyn has been a fantastic asset to the Unit’s management team and is dedicated to her role.’

Over the past few years Lyn has had trouble with her eyes due to having cataracts, but this has not stopped her from performing her duties and it has not stopped her from fulfilling the role as Acting Local Manager when David was unable to attend due to health issues.

‘Lyn is always the first to put up her hand to assist with our Community Engagement activities and fundraising events, no matter how big or small,’ says Dave.

During the response to ex TC Seroja in 2021 Lyn took the Unit’s duty phone for six weeks to make sure that all the members deploying were looked after in a consistent manner and that everyone was provided with transport to and from the airport. During this time Lyn made herself available 24/7.

‘It was a great honour to see Lyn recognised as the City of Rockingham Senior Volunteer of the Year 2023.’


If you know and would like to honour an SES Volunteer ‘Quiet Achiever’, please drop us a line, telling us about how they have supported their Unit.