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05/06/2023 – DFES Conference 2023 Registrations

DFES Conference 2023


The SESVA is pleased to let you know that endorsements and registrations are now open for the 2023 WAFES Conference.

Emails have been sent to all Units/Group leaders inviting them to endorse two volunteers to attend the conference.  WAFES Awards finalists, judges and nominators will receive an email to register in the next few days.   

Further information on registration, key dates and a new FAQ section can be found on the WAFES Conference website.

Accepting a place at the conference

Volunteers who register for the conference agree to attend all sessions in the Saturday conference program and have access to optional events including a Friday tour or workshop, welcome sundowner and WAFES Awards gala dinner.

If you register for the conference and any optional events but do not attend all Saturday conference sessions or any other event you have registered for, without prior notice, you may be deemed ineligible to attend future events.

Make sure you read the 2023 WAFES Conference terms and conditions and are aware of your obligations and cancellation and non-attendance conditions.

Unit endorsement

Unit endorsements are now open and an email has been sent to all leaders, captains, managers and commanders inviting them to endorse two volunteers from their Unit to attend the WAFES Conference.

Units can endorse volunteers to attend by following the two-step process.

Step 1

  • Unit leaders click on the link in the email and endorse two volunteers from their Unit. They have until Tuesday 11 July to complete their endorsements.

Step 2

  • Unit -endorsed volunteers receive an email with a link to complete their online conference registration by Friday 14 July.

After Friday 14 July no further Unit endorsements or Unit-endorsed volunteer registrations will be accepted.

Any remaining conference or WAFES Awards gala dinner places, including cancellations, will be filled by the Expression of Interest process open to all active State Emergency Service, Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services, Bush Fire Service, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services and Marine Rescue volunteers.

Units will have the opportunity to review their volunteers who have nominated for the Expression of Interest. A list will be sent to Unit leaders on Wednesday 19 July 2023 for review by Tuesday 25 July.

Expression of Interest

Volunteers can self-nominate and express their interest in securing one of the remaining places following the Unit endorsement phase or if a volunteer cancels and can no longer attend the conference.

The Expression of Interest list is now open and volunteers have until Friday 14 July to nominate themselves for either the:

  • WAFES Conference, including optional events such as Friday tours or workshops, the welcome sundowner and the WAFES Awards gala dinner; or
  • WAFES Awards gala dinner only.

Volunteers on the Expression of Interest list have four opportunities to secure a place for the conference and/or awards.

  1. Round one (Wednesday 26 July to Tuesday 1 August)
  2. Round two (Monday 7 August to Tuesday 22 August)*
  3. Round three (Thursday 31 August at 5pm)*
  4. Round four (Thursday 7 September at 9am)*

If successful for rounds one or two volunteers will be notified by email and sent a link to register online. Registrations must be completed by the date outlined in the email.

Volunteers remaining on the Expression of Interest list after Wednesday 30 August will be emailed with last chance places at the conference and/or awards for rounds three or four.

To secure a place in rounds three or four volunteers must complete their conference and/or awards register as soon as possible after they receive the email. Places in these rounds will be allocated on a on a first come, first served basis.

*Please note flight and accommodation options may not be available for regional volunteers during these rounds.