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06/04/2023 – SESVA Newsletter for April 2023

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From the President

Admiration – what does it mean in the context of volunteering and in our case, the State and Nation’s SES Volunteers? “Respect and warm approval. Something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect.”

The dictionary provides a definition, but I do see and hear the true meaning through many people’s eyes, their language, and the affection towards our volunteer actions. One of the many wonderful things in carrying out the role as the SES Association President is hearing the value that is placed on the impact that SES Volunteers have within and around their communities.

 National Memorial Service 2023 

AFAC, the National Council for Fire and emergency services in Australasia, will be conducting commemorations at the AFAC National Emergency Services Memorial, Canberra, on May 12, 2023.

SESVA President Greg Cook will be attending from WA along with the SES Youth Achievement Award winner for 2019, Alex Corinaldesi of Cockburn SES, and 2022 winner, Cassidy Kempster of the Northshore SES.

You’ve Spoken

After lengthy consultations with SES volunteers across the state, the voting finished on Friday 31 March 2023. It was a very tight margin.

The image here shows the Hat Band that has been selected by SES volunteers as the choice to be included with the dark blue wide-brimmed hat that accompanies the blue dress uniform.

New SESVA Merchandise Items

The SESVA has added some new items to their range.

  • SES Reusable Travel Mug
  • SES Swan logo notebooks

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