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16/03/2023 – Nominations for SES Awards 2023

Nominations for SES Awards 2023 opening soon

The 2023 SES Awards  nominations soon to open!

All the categories, criteria and eligibility remain the same as 2022. Now is the right time to considered which members of your Unit are appropriate and meet the criteria to be nominated for these awards. Its important to start preparing the nominations so you ready  to sub mitt them.

There are three (3) awards categories for SES Volunteers. 

Peter Keillor Awards (SES Volunteer of the year)

The Peter Keillor Award is the most prestigious and highest individual honour in the State Emergency Service Awards and is presented to a dedicated volunteer who has made an exemplary contribution to the SES during their time as a volunteer and specifically in the past 12 months.  The Peter Keillor Award is named after a former Murray SES volunteer. 

Team Achievement Award

This award recognises the outstanding efforts of an SES team or group of SES volunteers, who through their collective efforts have served the communities of Western Australia, and worked to together complete either a project or significant operational response. 

Youth Achievement Award

Volunteers aged 16 to 25 years who have made a valuable contribution to their unit are recognised with the Youth Achievement Award.

Greg Cook SESVA President said” This is your opportunity to nominate your Unit members for the exceptional and outstanding service they provide to the community “.

Greg also said” The annual SES Awards are one way of recognising the efforts of volunteers who have excelled in their service and demonstrated a high level of commitment to the SES and their Units”.

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