SES Volunteer's Association of Western Australia Incorporated

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03/03/2023 – SESVA Presidents Report March 2023

From the President

I wish all a warm welcome to a year that is again testing the magnificent flexibility of the SES Volunteers. I reinforce that it is privilege to hold the position and attend to the many functions required of your Association. Many thanks again for your vote of confidence in our approach to question, listen, report then advocate.

On the 23 Febuary the Association invited Units to attend a debrief to discuss SES Volunteer deployments to the east and within our state. There are many points to advocate for our members, but I will say that the standard of issues raised, and solutions offered are a credit to those that attended. We are most definitely maturing rapidly and that is very pleasing for the message and efforts of all.

SES Volunteers are motivated by our communities and those people that live in them. The complexity of the problems that these volunteers are asked to resolve, many times with very limited resourcing, is a credit to them. I do think that our roots that come from Civil Defence have not lost the instinctiveness and creativeness required to succeed where others may rely on a book or procedure to just work things out.

In the close future, I along with the Executive and Management Committee look forward to continuing some valuable engagement with as many SES Volunteers as possible. Some discussions are relatively simple such as choosing a hat for our Dress Uniform – three options. We have briefly put this up on our Association Facebook page to gauge opinions. This allowed us to move to the formal vote. Please exercise your right and vote for your unit member’s preference.

The wet season is not over in the States north, so I would sense that the SES Volunteers will be responding to communities and their needs in coming months. Stay safe and take care of yourselves, your families and

Kind regards, Greg Cook

Greg Cook President SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated.