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09/02/2023 – Update Upper Great Southern Exercise

Saturday 29 April and Sunday 30 April 2023

Base camp—Dryandra Village, Cuballing

Update from Kerry Keys, SESVA Management Committee Member, Upper Great Southern

Planning is well underway for the upcoming Upper Great Southern region exercise. The accommodation will be at Dryandra again and the SES teams will be travelling to a neighbouring town on the first day, Saturday, to take part in a range of exercises. Organisers have a very unique fun and hands-on exercise planned for Sunday.

Kerry said that some of the stands will be using SES skills such as 4 Wheel Drive, Basis General Rescue, Storm Assistance, and Land Search and Navigation (NURE).

“We are still on the lookout for helpers to assist over the weekend; this exercise wouldn’t be possible without the help of our Volunteers”, Kerry remarked.  “Several roles need to be filled including welfare and logistics, Safety Officers and SME for stands.

“This year we do have a limit on beds so team nominations will be accepted on a first come—first served basis.  “So, if your unit is interested, get the nomination form sent in ASAP“.

Units need to keep an eye on their unit emails for communication regarding the exercise. Updates/sneak peeks can be found on Facebook by searching 2023 SES VA Upper Great Southern Regional Exercise.

Call Kerry for information on 0413967425 or send an email to