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12/12/2022 – Flood Deployment story

Eastern States Deployment

There are 64 SES Units in Western Australia. Since mid-October, SES Volunteers from more than half of the WA SES Units members were deployed to assist with the response to the Eastern States floods. 

SES Team Foxtrot 8-16 November 2022

Fourteen SES members from Bassendean, Canning-South Peth, Mundaring, Northshore, Swan and SWORD plus DO Kinsella, Albany were deployed to New South Wales.   The team served in the towns of Balranald, Euson/Robinvale and Tooleybuc/Goodnight. They were based in Swan Hill and Murray Downs.

Tasking included:

  • Community Public Information Meeting—Balranald
  • Sandbagging to protect homes and sheds, as well as road access at Goodnight
  • Filling sandbags for the community to access when required
  • Monitoring river egress

This is a very interesting and informative report with pictures of the deployment. Please take the time to read the full article