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03/11/2022 – Summary of SESVA Committee Meeting October 2022

Review Action Items

Kimberley Rep Report – Raise training issues with Asst Commissioner 4/8/22

President has met with Chief Superintendents, not raised with new Asst Commissioner as yet, though he has been provided a briefing about training issue concerns by the Chief Superintendents for discussion with President at a future date.

 Legislation Consolidation 4/8/22

  • Feedback has been called from the Units and LMs who attended the Cottesloe Workshop.
  • Reps will then be asked to contact their Units to have significant discussion on the topic.

Awards & Recognition & WAFES Conference 4/8/22

  • Feedback has been sought from Units on WAFES Conference & the Awards.
  • DFES Media have requested feedback from SES which SESVA is seeking.
  • Proposition to be put out to Units for nominations for ESMs and 5, 10 and 15 year medals. Recognition is an important factor in recruitment and retention.

SESVA AGM 4/8/22

  • This was one of the more well attended and successful AGMs of recent years and President thanked Committee for its contribution in achieving this.

Upper Great Southern (UGS) Regional Exercise 2/6/22

  • President commended K Keys on the success of the Exercise, noting Pingelly media had requested use of SESVA Newsletter copy to reproduce.
  • Regional exercises for Midwest Gascoyne and Upper Great Southern have been booked for 2023.

South West Query R McConchie – training outside of region 2/6/22

  • President apologised noting circumstances of time constraints had prevented this being progressed further to date, but aimed to have answers for the next meeting.

      WOW Day 2/6/22

  • Feedback is required from Units to determine exactly what they want for WOW Day 2023.
  • Currently WOW Day provides very little to the average Unit member.
  • An option for obtaining greater value from WOW Day would be for Units to hold a BBQ at the Unit and invite local government representatives to attend. 

Training 2/6/22

  • President recommended raising training Issues at the forthcoming VTAG meeting a well as writing to DO A de Kleer. 

Vice President Reports 2/6/22

  • VP Patton has raised the matter of using industry qualified trainer assessors with Grant Pipe and has been discussed with G Pipe as one of many items.
  • At the AGM Q&A a Unit requested the SESVA start training in Cert III in SES, that’s if DFES are not going to do it.
  • The SESVA will be requesting in future DFES provide nationally qualified trainer assessors and trainers. More information on this is anticipated in December.

Regional Exercise documentation 2/6/22

  • S Bottacin reported he sourced information from archived material and subsequently met with Sub Committee to review. Recommendations from subcommittee have been incorporated in a revised draft.
  • Awaiting opportunity to discuss the updated manual with T Patton, committee will then review revised version. 

         Regional Exercises 21/4/22

  • MWG and UGS exercises completed. Debrief to be conducted by VA.
  • Information to be provided to VA Committee and S Bottacin for implementing in Burracoppin regional exercise.

Working from Heights PAT 26/8/21

  • It is believed a final report and recommendation for solutions has been drafted but has not been progressed to date.
  • President will seek to raise this matter with C Waters.

         Flood Boats 30/4/20

  • Defer to November meeting for S Cable to address.
  • Alternative flood boats have been proposed for smaller riverine areas where larger flood boats are not feasible.

Minutes of Previous Minutes:

That the Minutes of the SESVA Management Committee Meetings held on 4 August 2022 and Action Items as listed, were confirmed.



President’s Report

President sought confirmation from the Committee that his report had been received and read and sought questions from Committee members. The President’s Report for the SESVA Committee meeting of 13th October 2022, was accepted.            


Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer summarised income and expenditure of various accounts as listed, spreadsheets which were displayed on screen for the Management Committee to view, and invited questions from the Management Committee.  The Treasurer’s Report covering the period from 5th August to 12 October 2022 as presented was accepted.


Correspondence Report

Secretary gave a verbal overview of the correspondence report. The Correspondence Report from 5th August to 13 October2022 as presented was accepted


Regional Rep Appointment

Vice President Alan Hawke

  • Advised Gnowangerup Unit member, Mandy Hanna has nominated for the Great Southern Representative position, with her nomination has being supported by the Gnowangerup LM.
  • Provided a verbal overview of M Hanna’s CV, for the Committee’s information.

President recommended appointing Mandy Hanna to the position of Great Southern Representative for a period concluding at the 2023 AGM. The Committee agreed unanimously.

Legislation Working Group – FES Legislation Consolidation

   President referred to discussion held out of session prior to the present meeting and further to the Legislation Working Group meeting scheduled for 17th October, from which he would provide a report to Committee members, sought acceptance from committee members to defer this item. There being no objection from Committee members, the item was deferred.

WAFES Conference and SES Awards – feedback

Secretary noted the importance of one-on-one interaction by Management Committee members to obtain meaningful feedback.

Regional Exercises Learnings

Kerry Keys reported on the experience of organising the Upper Great Southern Regional Exercise, noting the compact yet efficient organising group had achieved a successful outcome, with feedback from participants being very positive.  Consequently, another UGS Reginal Exercise has been scheduled for 28-30th April 2023.

WA Emergency Service Volunteers Hardship Scheme

The Scheme administers a fund for emergency services volunteers that experience hardship.  The Scheme is made up of multi-agency volunteers, with former Deputy Commissioner Lloyd Bailey chairing the Scheme with the group meeting bi-annually.

Secretary reported a SESVA representative needs to be nominated by 15 October and sought Expressions of interest from Management Committee Members since the term of the current representative, Gordon Hall, expires at the WAESVHS forthcoming AGM. 

If there was any interest from Committee members, they would be given consideration for the appointment, however, in the event no committee members were interested, Gordon Hall has offered to re-nominate. Kerry Keys indicated interest.

Human Resources Companies – Review of SESVA HR and WH&S Policies and Procedures

Treasurer explained the process would include a review of the Administration Officer position and job description, and review of all SESVA workplace and associated policies, particularly WH&S, to ensure it is fully compliant. At least two companies will be approached to provide an outline of the services they could provide and costings ready to present to the next meeting of the Management Committee.

Next Meeting of the SESVA Management Committee – Thursday 1st December 2022