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06/10/2022 – SESVA Presidents Report for October 2022

From Greg Cook President of the SESVA

Hello to you,

To all that take the time to read our monthly newsletter (previous post), I take this opportunity to start conversations that can make a significant contribution to you. 

That is for now and into the future.

It’s time to prepare your homes and businesses for our traditional seasons of higher risk.                                     

  • Spring brings with it those remarkable storms that many describe as ‘natures lightshows’, but there is risk to those who lie in their path and only you can reduce how you are personally impacted.
  • Both spring and summer bring higher risk of the natural danger from bushfire.
  • Our coastline and interior are vulnerable to the impact of severe weather. Whether that is a cyclone or a topical low that bring high winds and rain both may lead to flooding and isolation.

At the State Emergency Service, we ask that you look, plan and act to reduce those things that can be addressed around our homes and businesses that can cause damage in high winds, be burnt in bushfire ember attacks or getting caught up in flood waters. Starting now allows some time to complete the actions that save you the inconvenience during an incident.  Think of the lessons learned just a few days ago with the impact of Hurricane Ian in the USA. 

Travellers – plan your journey, check the weather before departure, know what to expect and, if its too dangerous, just don’t do it.  Arriving safe and well must be the goal. 

Thank you and stay safe,  Greg Cook

Greg Cook SESVA President