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19/07/2022 – Portrait of an SES Volunteer

Portrait of an SES Volunteer

Sharon Lesley has painted a portrait of her father, Mr. Robert Brooks of the Geraldton-Greenough SES Unit.

The portrait is intended for submission to the Darling Prize national portrait competition in Canberra, and is intended to honour all SES Volunteers in Australia by the presence of the iconic SES orange overalls worn by Robert (Bob) in the portrait, and the depictions of his certificates and medal.

“Bob Brooks, my father and rescue hero, is the sitter in this portrait, however a duality of subject includes a testament to the SES volunteers of Australia. I requested the SES orange overalls be worn for their recognisable iconic and symbolic presence. The background life membership documentation and medal is to say that many SES volunteers are involved for the long haul. Their dedication is generally for life, and in support of life. Bob’s white hair denotes his seniority and continued effectiveness in the role irrespective of age, and his demeanour suggests the quiet dignity of his service to Australia.”

Unfortunately, the portrait did not make the selection for the Darling Portrait Prize, however it does make a powerful statement.

Mr. Robert Brooks of the Geraldton-Greenough SES Unit.