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11/07/2022 – SESVA Management Committee Nominations

Management Committee


Several Management Committee terms of appointment end at the 2022 Annual General Meeting being held.

All Units are invited to nominate a member for election as Vice President or a Regional Representative where a vacancy will exist.

Units that wish to nominate a member of their Unit for a vacancy on the SESVA Management Committee must ensure the nomination form is completed and returned to the Secretary by the closing date 13 July 2022.

The election results will be announced at the 2022 Annual General Meeting on Sunday 11th September.

Regions which do not have a representative on the Committee, do not always hear in a timely manner of items which affect them. This has caused issues for some regions in the past, so to ensure your region is kept fully informed, please ensure a delegate is nominated if your region is one with a vacancy.

If you have any questions about the Association and what being a member of the Management Committee entails, please do not hesitate to contact President, Mr Greg Cook on 0418 403 960 or send an email to

The Regional Representatives welcome and look forward to communicating with SES Volunteers and, where relevant, to discussing any matters raised with your Unit Management and the full SESVA Committee.

Please feel free to contact your Regional Representative or ask your Unit Management team to do so on your behalf, if you feel the SESVA can be of assistance to you.

The positions where a vacancy will exist due to their term expiring and for which nominations are called are included in the contact list of Regional Representatives is opposite:



 South Coastal Region Vacant

Caretaker Representative is Allen Gale

 South East Martin Seward – 0417 997 875

 North East Sarah Hamilton TERM EXPIRING

0435 932 190

 North Coastal Jenny Hattenfels TERM EXPIRING

0407 880 204

 Goldfields/Midlands Sergio Bottacin

0419 909 523

 Kimberley Matthew Rosher

0488 177 047

Pilbara Colin Reed

0418 909 006

 Midwest/Gascoyne Steve Cable TERM EXPIRING

0417 994 277



Great Southern Peter Blows TERM EXPIRING

0427 721 526


Upper Great Southern Kerry Keys TERM EXPIRING

0413 967 425


Lower South West Peter Newton TERM EXPIRING

0427 477 413


South West Ros McConchie TERM EXPIRING

0408 962 528