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10/07/2022 – SESVA Newsletter July 2022

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Local Managers Workshop 

The SESVA is hosting a Workshop in Cottesloe on 9th July. This will provide all SES Units with an opportunity for comprehensive engagement on amalgamation of the Emergency Services Acts.

Guest presenter at the Workshop will be Associate Pro-fessor Michael Eburn, the leading Australian researcher in the area of emergency services and emergency man-agement and law.

SESVA Secretary – Allen Gale ESM

The Association received two Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the appointed position of Secretary.
They were from two highly qualified people which comes from both their volunteering world and their professional lives.
During the last Management Committee Meeting both were discussed and voted on.
And it is with great pleasure that Allen Gale’s EOI has been excepted and we welcome his appointment as the Associations Secretary.

Management Committee Nominations

Units that wish to nominate a member of their Unit for a vacancy on the SESVA Management Committee must ensure the nomination form is completed and returned to the Secretary by the closing date 13 July 2022.

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SESVA Merchandise

Do you have any ideas for new merchandise items for SES Units? Maybe something for the summer months ahead? Tell us your ideas.  Let your Regional Representative know or send an email to Bella at the office and we’ll investigate further.

Height Safety Improvements

The Height Safety Project Advisory Team (PAT) is tasked to improve Height Safety practices, equipment, training, and culture for structure fire, cyclone, storm, and earthquake operational response. A lot of progress has been and is being made in revising existing practices, equipment, and training, as well as developing future control measures to reduce the risk of fall injuries within DFES. Understandably, with such a large range of practices and height safety challenges integral to SES, FES, and FRS operational response, the PAT is focused on short-term quick action, medium-term planning and delivery of innovative systems, equipment, training, and practices, and longer term capability solutions for both metropolitan and country responses.

NSW Severe Weather Event

Submitted by Cherese Green, Gosnells SES, who deployed to NSW in March:
On Tuesday 8th March 2022 at about 1030hr, I was contacted to lead a team for an interstate deployment, leaving the Wednesday morning. I was asked to available for a 1 – 3- 1 deployment to Queensland to relieve exhausted volunteers and to respond to RFA’s with a possibility of some clean-up work in the region. The movement orders arrived by email and the most mentionable hazard was ‘Eastern brown snakes in structures of homes (at head height).’ I was tasked as the Team Leader of Team 3, joined by Warren & Bianka from Kalamunda SES and John from Melville SES.