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24/06/2022 – About Tom Price SES Unit

Tom Price SES 

This is an article by Samantha Goerling for the ABC Pilbara office.

Western Australia’s Karijini National Park is famous for its steep chasms and deep gorges formed over 2.5 billion years, but its spectacular gorge environment can also be treacherous. 

When something goes wrong, it is often State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers from the nearby town of Tom Price who carry out the challenging rescues — sometimes in extreme weather conditions.

Vertical rescue volunteer Simon Davidson has been with the Tom Price SES for 13 years, carrying out more than 100 rescues as a team leader.

He said there had been many “very, very lows, and very, very highs”.

In 2019, he was recognised with the WA Department of Fire & Emergency Services Peter Keillor Award for his work leading land searches in extreme heat conditions and highly technical deep gorge rescues.

Please take time to read the full article which can be found using the following link:

Karijini National Park chasms a challenge for Tom Price SES volunteers undertaking rescues – ABC News

Greg Cook SESVA President said” this is a great article about a hard working and dedicated SES Unit who carryout difficult and highly technical rescues”.




Simon Davidson, Sue Davies, Nicole Kelly are all dedicated members of Tom Price SES.(ABC Pilbara: Samantha Goerling)