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13/01/2022 – Two Rocks SES now recruiting Volunteers

Two Rocks SES looking for new members

We’re looking for members of nearby communities to join our team!
The SES provide a wide range of services to help the community cope during and after the impact of disaster such as; storms, fires, tsunami, earthquake and flood.
Helping the community to recover by responding to natural disasters is only PART of SES’ responsibility. We as emergency services volunteers also carry out land search and rescue operations working alongside WA Police Force.
The role of becoming an emergency response volunteer with the SES and an active member within our Two Rocks Unit is a very honourable role and we value our team members highly.
We are holding an information night on 08/02/22 and would love for you to come meet the team and physically see some of the things we do for our community.
Please contact us through this add, Facebook messenger or by email at for further information and any questions you may have ☺️
Two Rocks SES Unit