SES Volunteer's Association of Western Australia Incorporated

“Together we can; Together we will”

05/12/2021 – International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer day 2021

Today the SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated  recognises, celebrate and thank the amazing contribution volunteers make within communities around the world. It is through their commitment we are all able to make a difference.

To all State Emergency Service volunteers, thank you for your continued dedication, support and the hard work you undertake for each other, the agency and the community.

Every day more than 2,000 SES volunteers in Western Australia are ready to assist the community with emergency repairs to buildings after severe weather, participate in land searches and rescues, attend road crashes, and assist other emergency services when required.

The WA Community can rely on the bravery of our SES volunteers during harrowing times and it is quite a comfort to know the SES Volunteers are ready to assist whether it be a simple roof repair  damage from a storm, setting off to search for a missing person, complex and challenging vertical rescue  or at major incident providing logistical and communications support.

The countless hours spent at incidents are just a fraction of their commitment to the community with training and running their units also being a vital part of their SES duties.

Thank you for your service.

SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated