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04/10/2021 – SES Volunteer Deployment Register

 SES Volunteer Deployment Register

During October DFES will issue an expression of interest for those wanting to participate and be included in the 2021/22 deployment register.

The Deployment Register captures the details of those who may be called upon for Intrastate, Interstate and International travel should additional resources be requested or required for an emergency response.

SES volunteers wanting to put themselves forward for any of the deployment options will need to complete and submit the nomination form, include their preferences and enter current competencies.

Volunteers may be subject to completing a pre – deployment  medical questionnaire or undergo medical checks prior to being deployed and if selecting the ‘international’ option, must have a valid passport with at least 6 months currency available.

Nomination forms should be provided to your Local Manager for endorsement.

Please note, there is no penalty or scrutiny for any member should they be called upon and not be in a position to be deployed at that particular time.

For further information about deployments please see Directive 2.4 which can be found on the  DFES Volunteer Hub





SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated.


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