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30/09/2021 – Safe and Found WA

The Safe and Found WA initiative is a collaboration between Western Australia Police Force and the not for profit Medic Alert Foundation developed to assist Police more rapidly locate vulnerable persons impacted by dementia or another cognitive impairment and at risk of becoming lost.

Safe and Found members complete an information package comprising of a series of questions designed to assist Police better understand who they are looking for, where and how far that person might travel as well as other relevant information that helps predict the lost persons behaviour. Any pertinent medical information is also provided to assist Police. The information is designed to help searchers look in the right places and locate the missing person faster. A jewellery type bracelet is also provide with carers and Police numbers engraved.

An up to date photo is also provided by members.

WA Police can access both the information package and photo from the Safe and Found database at any time should a member be reported missing or located wearing a Safe and Found bracelet.

Recently as part of the WA Police Force mobility project all officers were issued a work phone which allows a missing persons photo and relevant information to be shared at the start of a search. WA Police also employ technology that allows us to send a text message to every persons phone in a search area including a link to the Safe and Found members image potentially making everyone in the search zone a searcher. 

The initiative was launched on 12 August by the Police Minister and Commissioner Dawson and is supported by Dementia Australia, Alzheimers WA, COTA and the State Emergency Management Committee to name a few.


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