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29/09/2021 – SESVA Newsletter for October 2021

Articles in this Month's Edition

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From the President

This past month has been eventful in many different areas for SES Volunteers. Operationally we continue to serve our communities in storm, rescue and search operations. How proud we are of all of you.  The DFES Commissioner has released an Infection Control Policy to help assisting all of us to stay healthy in what has been a first for us all in the journey of the worldwide pandemic being COVID 19.  I ask you to please protect yourselves and your loved ones by getting vaccinated.  


During October DFES will issue an expression of interest for those wanting to participate and be included in the 2021 – 22 Deployment Register.
The Deployment Register captures the details of those who may be called upon for Intrastate, Interstate and International travel should additional resources be requested or required for an emergency response.  SES volunteers wanting to put themselves forward for any of the deployment options will need to complete and submit the nomination form, include their preferences and enter current competencies.

Emergency Services Medal

The ESM recognises distinguished service provided by members of an Australian emergency service, including the SES.  Announcements of ESM recipients is conducted twice a year, being the Australia Day Honours List in January and Queen’s Birthday Honours List in June however, nominations can be submitted any
time during the year via the DFES Rewards and Recognition Team.  The nomination form provides information about eligibility, criteria and the information needed to be
included in the submission.

Regional Exercises

Some of us within the Volunteer SES are working hard to bring back the regional exercises that we used to enjoy so much.  They were a weekend away with your colleagues to learn and test many of the skills that we touch on during our normal training.  The vision is to connect with each other, test each other and enjoy the company after hours with each other.


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