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27/08/2021 – Kalbarri SES News August 2021

Kalbarri SES August 2021 report



On Sunday August 8 local SES volunteers were at Hawks Head in the Kalbarri National Park completing a Single Rope Rescue re-qualification course when we received a call at about 1230 hrs that person was injured at Eagle Gorge and required assistance. As we were some distance away we contacted 4 volunteers who were unable to attend training due to work commitments. They all knocked off work and were able to attend the incident in a timely manner while a further five volunteers travelled from Hawks Head.

It was established that a group of netball players from Geraldton had walked down the cliff pathway the beach at Eagle Gorge. They entered the water for a swim when one of them stepped on discarded fishing lure which lodged into her foot. St John Ambulance volunteers attended and were able to cut the lure hooks off but she required a lift and carry to move her to the ambulance in the car park. SES volunteers secured her into a stretcher and she was then carried to the ambulance and handed over for medical treatment to remove the hooks and treat the wound.

Rescue from Eagle George
Packed up and ready to go