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26/08/2021 – SESVA President Report September 2021

 SESVA President Greg Cook

One of my highlights was to participate in the Lower South West Leadership Forum organised by Leon Gardner. A great day for those that attended, including SESVA Vice President, Alan Hawke and myself.

We shared the drive down and back from Margaret River. It was great to catch up with all attending SES Volunteers and some DFES staff members. These events provide the Association the opportunity to have a face to face forum to continue to advocate for the current values that are driving our service and deliver these to you. Remember, we are here working with you to advocate on behalf of all units across the state.

To do that we frequently engage with Unit Management on a number of subjects that are raised through out contacts and or through requests from DFES for a consolidated response. So, when a committee member and other representatives of the Association contact the unit, it’s part of our shared vision that all units are fairly represented. That, for many, will always be a work in progress but we are committed to the task.

Many may have seen that the Association elections have and are being held across the state. Thank you so much to those Volunteers who have nominated to be an advocate on behalf of all SES Units in WA. As per our Constitution, the results of the elections will be shared at the Association AGM on 12th September at Burswood. This is the Sunday morning after the WAFES Conference. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Recently a meeting was held with DFES Deputy Commissioner Craig Waters on a number of strategic issues that will provide some answers to questions that have remained long term issues. We are told that the issues are being addressed. The proof will be in the actions taken and of course this will be shared with you in the not-too-distant future.

Important issues being raised and addressed through VA working groups are:

  • Working at Heights
  • Regional Exercises
  • Association Strategic Plan
  • SES Training including quality, availability of trainers and capability development with volunteer services to deliver our own packages.
  • Work Health and Safety Legislation and the impact on SES Volunteers

Whilst that article allows only a same insight into our activities, the more we talk with each other the better the mutual result. Many of us look at a great orange sun set daily. Me, I like the orange sun rise for new opportunity, SES now and in the future.

Take care all and I look forward to seeing many of us the WAFES Conference.




SESVA President Greg Cook
SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated