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25/08/2021 – SESVA Newsletter for September 2021

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From the President

One of my highlights was to participate in the Lower South West Leadership Forum organised by Leon Gardner. A great day for those that attended, including WASESVA Vice President, Alan Hawke and myself.  We shared the drive down and back from Margaret River. It was great to catch up with all attending SES Volunteers and some DFES staff members. These events provide the Association the opportunity to have a
face-to-face forum to continue to advocate for the current values that are driving our service and deliver these to you. Remember, we are here working with you to advocate on behalf of all units across the state.

Transfer of Funding Control

We have had several Units comment on transferring funding control from Local Govt to DFES and requesting details of what is involved and what are the ramifications of a transfer.  We quote below from section 3 of the DFES SAP 5.5 covering unit Finances.
“In the event of Transfer of Control to DFES, finance accountability will come under the purview of DFES policy and guidelines , as in all purchases, accounting and financial responsibility will fall under the Financial Management Act and Treasury Instructions and also the internal DFES financial policies to be adhered to.

Height & Safety PAT

With just a little over 2 weeks away before their next meeting, the User Needs Analysis work is being done and completed, plus the SES Team is pulling
together samples so they can workshop with the PAT options for improvement to the Roof Safety System on the 28th August.  Other things are happening through fellow team members within the HSS Team, and elsewhere.  A contributors group has been set up in the SES space which is a great example of innovation for consultative and communication purposes using present technology.


Assessor Endorsement

We have been asked to clarify why only one trainer/assessor can be trained during a course.  We have been advised the decision to restrict training to one new TA per course was made to ensure the following:

Maximise student outcomes.  We need to ensure that students aren’t disadvantaged by being taught and assessed by multiple assessor with limited experience either in training or the subject.  Ensure appropriate supervision of developing TAs during the training so that they also get the best outcomes out of the process.  At this stage, this part of the TA endorsement process is not being reviewed.