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28/07/2021 – Kalbarri SES News July 2021

Kalbarri SES July 2021 report



With a number of visitors in town for school holidays and large numbers of Metropolitan people travelling north for the winter there has been an influx of people in town. In the past 4 weeks we have been called upon on 4 occasions to recover bogged vehicles from locations including Wittecarra beach and the tracks along the river north of Kalbarri.

Upon attending these incidents, it is apparent that many people are attempting off road trips with poor preparation and skill sets for this type of travel. We recommend that anyone intending to drive off road including on beaches and unmade tracks, takes the following precautions:

  • Complete a off road driving training course
  • Ensure that the vehicle that they are driving is suitable for what they are attempting
  • Carry vehicle recovery equipment
  • Deflate tyres to an appropriate pressure for the conditions
  • Carry communications equipment (mobile phone, uhf radio, EPIRB)
  • Be able to identify their precise location (GPS, mobile phone app, maps)
  • Carry sufficient water, supplies and clothing
  • Know the terrain and conditions that may exist in the area
  • Let someone know where you are going, route and estimated time of return

All of these things will make the trip safer and enjoyable and make it much easier for a recovery crew to attend if required.


With rain continuing during July SES crews have attended numerous jobs involving roof leaks and damage caused by the weather. Some relief has come with insurance companies organising repairs  for TC Seroga damage by contractors. Local SES crews will continue to support residents who experience any further damage.



On the weekend Friday July 23 to Monday July26 Kalbarri SES hosted a Off Road Driving and Off Road Vehicle Recovery course at Kalbarri with 11 students from Kalbarri, Shark Bay, Northampton and Geraldton. The conditions for this course were ideal with lots of recent rain providing plenty of water crossings, mud and boggy tracks. The students spent 2 days learning the ins and outs of off road vehicles and driving techniques then 2 days of theory and practice of recovering bogged vehicles. The courses were informative and enjoyable with everyone looking forward each day to getting back to their lodgings to wash off the mud, have a hot shower and get into dry clothes!


Fortnightly training has recommenced on Tuesday nights with the next session being on August 3.


On July 18 Crown Casino held a dinner at the Kalbarri Golf Club for emergency responders involved in responding to Tropical Cyclone Seroja. It was a great night with fantastic food, several interesting speakers and a band. The Kalbarri SES unit was represented by all our volunteers and partners who had great time. Many thanks to Crown and all of the people involved in arranging this event.


Prior to attending the Crown event Kalbarri SES volunteers met at the unit headquarters where District Officer Tim DALWOOD presented medals to several members:

Loni Visser:      State Emergency Service Long Service Medal (10 years service)

Noel Visser:      State Emergency Service Long Service Medal (10 years service)

Sue STRAND:          State Emergency Service Medallion (5 years service)

Henrik STRAND:    State Emergency Service Medallion (5 years service)

Phi TUFFIN:            State Emergency Service Medallion (5 years service)


Well done to all.