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01/07/2021 – SESVA Presidents report July 2021

From Greg Cook President of the SESVA

The rewards SES volunteers receive when serving our communities is a point of motivation for many new and experienced members. Have you ever asked the question why you do what you do and who you do it for?

Why the SES? Why do we as SES volunteers find it difficult to recognise each other’s dedication at times? Of course, this is in an incredibly positive way.  Its true that we do not seek the publicity, well most of us anyway. Is it just simply the sense of being in a team and unit of well meaning, trained, and focused on doing good things within our many communities that keeps us coming back?

We are all volunteers in the SES. There are no career staff anymore now that a department that was formed several years ago, removed the name career SES and called them Natural Hazards. So as an SES volunteer, we have a conduit to the Department through your hardworking District Officers and through your SES Volunteers Association.

Recently your SES Association put forward an idea to the department to add an award to the three current recognized being by the members: individual over all SES member award; a youth award and a team award.

This would be to nominate a DFES staff member that should be acknowledged for going above and beyond the call to assist SES Volunteers and Units. I do hope that you too will support recognising our partners in service delivery.

Our volunteer awards, this from our peers to recognize those that go over and beyond the normal asking of a volunteer. It is also not a single act but that of consistency in delivery with our units and community. We have from our ranks, many worthy nominations and I along with many of you look forward to seeing who has been recognised at the SES Awards presentation at the WAFES Conference this year.

The conference is being held at Burswood again over the 10 and 11 Sept 21 Friday and Saturday. DFES along with your SES Association are seeking your thoughts on what would you like to see and hear at the SES stream half day of this event? The Association enables you to respond on our Facebook page, so let us hear what you want?

A question for you, did you see the recipients of the Queen’s Birthday Awards in Western Australia for the Emergency Service Medal? Please look and find out.

So many of us simply love what we do but we continue to have challenges placed in front of us that are a reaction with a well thought out preplan missing. Please help us to help you to continue to advocate for positive recognition and considered change when required.

Stay happy and take care. We are out there with and amongst you serving our communities; we do get it and are not removed from the coal face.






SES volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated


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