SES Volunteer's Association of Western Australia Incorporated

“Together we can; Together we will”

31/05/2021 – SESVA Presidents Report June 2021

Hello to all SES Volunteers,

I also welcome our elected members of State, Local Government, and community based organisations.  Again, it’s a pleasure to write to everyone on the back of an extremely busy and active time for many of you.

It would be remiss of me not to again say thank you for the service you have provided to our communities in Western Australia. Your SES leadership in serving communities is welcomed with enthusiasm and pride.

The pride that is shared by many high-profile government and elected community representatives, not only in WA and is an acknowledgement of many jobs well done. I know we will hear more about this in the future.

Whilst you have been busy with our communities, your SES Volunteers Association has maintained its commitment to you through its advocacy. Some of the broader questions for you in the immediate month are:

  • The WAFES Conference has been confirmed to be on the 10th and 11th Sept 2021. This will be held at Crown Burswood again. The question for all SES Units and your members is in an SES stream of activities, what do you want to see, hear and experience over a possible 5hour period? ASAP, please send your feedback to Bella at:
  • WOW Day 2021 planning has commenced immediately following this year’s WOW Day. Again, we would love to hear your feedback on the activities conducted by yourselves this year, recognition in your local communities and your thoughts on the support from DFES.  Please also send this to Bella at :

I was privileged to recently to attend the City of Bayswater, Freedom of the City ceremony for the Bayswater SES Unit. 

The City of Bayswater is enormously proud that it is the only Local Government in Western Australia that has provided its community State Emergency Service with this honour. Indeed, the elected members led by Councillor and Mayor Mr. Dan Bull, spoke with great respect for the traditional custodians of this land in their native tongue.

This was followed by a glowing response to the dedication and resolve to the broader communities from the Bayswater SES Units membership.  This was followed by a wonderful speech by the Minister of Emergency Services, Hon Reece Whitby MLA.  Indeed, the Minister spoke from a position of volunteering knowledge and a passion to learn about the offer that the SES Units across the state bring to the community. We say thank you and I know we can look forward to great partnership that brings a fresh outlook to the management of natural hazards in the WA.

 Acting Commissioner Mr. Craig Waters represented DFES, and I must say that Craig is looking much better after undertaking a fitness program. This has him looking much more aerodynamic and feeling healthier I am certain. Something I know Craig is immensely proud of and is an example to us all. Good news for us all. Keep up the good work in achieving great things for yourself and the SES.

I would like to thank the Bayswater Unit and its Manager Mr. Alan Hawke for extending an invitation to attend this prestigious event. It was a great place to be, and we continued to enjoy discussions at a short afternoon tea in a City reception room.  Whilst there could be many more things I could discuss; this is time to leave those for the next newsletter. They will remain relevant. Until then, shine in Amber Eclipse of Orange.

Greg Cook SESVA President

SES Volunteers Association Elections.  Notice of elections for Executive and Committee members are to be sent shortly to units. This is an opportunity to make that extra difference in working for SES Volunteers in your region.

The commitment that is required of you as a nominee would be:

  • You need to be a current and active SES Volunteer.
  • A willingness to contact your regions unit management to discuss points that have developed from member units, DFES and Local Government. This can be as frequently as monthly by phone, Zoom, MS Teams or face to face.
  • In a record of discussion, report back to the Association the thoughts and direction
  • required by the members from that consultation. Remember, consultation is not \telling the members what they are going to do. We are asking member units what their direction is and then advocating that on their behalf.
  • Attend Committee meetings as required, generally every two months by Zoom meeting. There are other meetings conducted where we have guest speakers from our industry leaders that provide higher levels of information, knowledge greater situation awareness for your leadership role. This is to provide personal growth for you.
  • This is an enjoyable role that requires the willingness to work for others, this being the SES Units, so doing things just for yourself is not part of who you are.

The Association strives for outstanding relationships with all, but we do understand that there will be occasions were the mature need to agree to disagree. We do work on together from those bumps in the road. The greater good is our vision and aim.