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01/04/2021 – Fundraising Opportunity

Fundraising Opportunity

Grill’d Healthy Burgers is offering local community groups such as SES Units fundraising opportunities:

Local Matters Fundraising Jars

SES Units can apply to their local Grill’d store for a Local Matters fund raising jar to be placed in their store for a one month period. With every burger ordered, a Local Matters token is given to diners to drop into the jar of their choice – three jars are allocated per store each month. At the end of the month the funds are split between the three group selected.

Hold a Fundraising Event in a Grill’d Restaurant

Discounts are offered by venues for fundraising events.  There are 21 Grill’d stores in the Perth Metro area – see link below. So contact your local Grill’d store to enquire.




Grill'd Resturants


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