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04/03/2021 – Legal SES Vehicle Weights

SES Vehicle Legal Weights

From conversations the SESVA  have had with several SES Volunteers there appears to be some confusion regarding the legal weights which can be carried in the troop carriers.

 We have discussed the matter with DFES to obtain clarification of the relationship between the compliance plate and the legal axle weight requirements.

 They have advised:

“The vehicles may be plated to carry up to 11 people (based on 68kg per person), but the GVM and axle limits still apply – more load less people possible.

Vehicles were recently re­weighed and new loading guidance produced.

The vehicles with GVM upgrades were able to carry 10 people (based on 90kg per person) or people and equipment equivalent load.  Payload capacity for the PC with upgraded GVM is comparable to what is being provided by the GRU.

DFES produced operational circular 31/2020 last year which spells out the legal requirement of:

“no matter what the GVM is, the axle limits still apply – more load less people”.

Drivers must always ensure they are within axle weight limits, no matter what the number of people licenced for and GVM on the compliance plate states.






Sample vehicle (Not a troop carrier)