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25/02/2021 – Mandurah SES Presentation

History Book presentation

Mandurah SES Life Member presented with the SES History book.   David Templeman, life member of the Mandurah SES, joined the unit as a Volunteer more than 30 years ago.

Mr Templeman has provided assistance to the Mandurah SES over many years and is a regular guest at the unit awards and other special nights.

In recognition of David’s service and the support he has given the SES Volunteers, Local Manager Chris Stickland ESM and Gordon Hall ESM, presented David with an autographed book.

This book on the history of the SES and Civil Defence traces back to the early days of the SES and includes information on the early days of the Mandurah SES.

The night gave Mandurah SES Volunteers an opportunity to meet or catch up with one of the early members.

The Hon David Templeton MLA presented with SES history book by Gordon Hall ESM