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30/12/2020 – News from Kalbarri SES December 2020

Kalbarri SES November 2020 report:


While the last couple of months have been quiet as far as operational responses go, it has been a fairly busy year with Kalbarri SES volunteers attending 24 operational incidents in 12 months. The incidents attended have been varied and include missing persons, storm damage, rescuing casualties from the gorges, recovering bogged vehicles and fire support to name a few. These jobs have taken local volunteers as far a field as Esperance, Mount Augustus twice, Carnarvon, Geraldton and Northampton. 

As usual, we are ready to attend to any incidents that may occur and with Kalbarri full of visitors for the holiday period we are extra vigilant.

Community Involvement:

On Monday December 14, local volunteers spent their fortnightly training session on a trip to the coastal cliffs where we abseiled from the viewing platforms at Island Rock and Natural Bridge. As well as a great training opportunity we also collected a quantity of rubbish that had been dropped over the edge by visitors. While most of the stuff collected was probably lost by accident and included hats, a phone and camera lenses some, including beer bottles and a car battery, were obviously the work of vandals. Kalbarri SES will continue with our efforts to keep our tourist attractions clean into the new year with regular clean up events.


We held our end of year wind up party on December 13 to thank volunteers, allied agencies and supporters for their input during the year. Training will recommence in the new year.

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